Empowered Birth Movement

Because all birthing people deserve an empowered, dignified, and non-violent birth.

We are growing a network of partners aligned with the common goal of creating an empowering and respectful birth environment and full spectrum of care both before and after. Our Birth Workers Collective is committed to making support for families accessible, affordable, and equitable.

We believe birth workers should be representative of a diverse range of communities so that they can hold space that feels familiar and safe. Our Fellowship fund supports new birth workers to fill the gap while improving parents’ navigation of the health system and access to health information along the way.

Disparities in maternal outcomes and traumatic birth experiences in world-class medical facilities are unacceptable systemic and institutional failures. We are aiming to create new paradigms around maternal health that ensure transparency, accountability, and culturally-congruent care in the delivery room.

Empowered Birth Movement is an independent nonprofit organization tackling disparities of maternal and neonatal health through a Systems Thinking and intersectional justice lens. 

We are advancing the availability, affordability, and accessibility of peer-to-peer, community-based health workers that can uniquely empower and support birthing people to make informed decisions for themselves and their babies, as well as bridge the cultural and linguistic gap between healthcare systems and immigrants.