Referral Directory

gynformation is created and run by a queer-feminist collective for gynecological self-determination. It is a comprehensive resource for referrals based on the experiences and recommendations submitted by patients.

You deserve a respectful, confidential, impartial and professional treatment approach to gynecological treatment. Here you will find a queer-feminist list of gynecologists, midwives, endocrinologists, urologists, and gynecological general practitioners who treat with respect.


Have you had a good experience and would like to recommend the person treating you to others? Then please fill out the Gynformation questionnaire here.

Birth Workers

EBM wants support for families to be accessible, affordable, and equitable. We are building a directory in order to make that support easier to find, particularly for multilingual, international, and/or low-income families. 

We invite likeminded professionals and service providers — i.e. doulas, Lactation Consultants, community groups, interpreters/translators, etc — to complete our referral form so that families can be connected to the best professional for their needs.

In the meantime, if you are pregnant and looking for a service provider who speaks your language, please get in touch at hello(at)